BREAKING! Someone Changed The National Anthem Words At The Olympics! Did You Catch This?


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With the Olympics having just begun it means everyone is going to be having their countries national anthem being played. Sadly, though some have decided to alter their beautiful national anthems in the name of political correctness. The heritage and beauty of the anthem have now been distorted and changed to appease people on the far left.

Canada’s national anthem has hailed the nation’s sons and not daughters and clearly, that has annoyed some of the government officials in the Canadian government. Canada has now amended their national anthem. This change has been the result of a group of feminist women.

The BBC reported,

It was in 1997 that Frances Wright first noticed something was missing from O Canada. She had started a campaign to build monuments to the Famous Five – women who fought for equality in Canada in the 1920s – and during one of their first events, everyone sang the anthem, belting out its opening lines:
O Canada! Our home and native land!

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True patriot love in all thy sons command.

Wright, then in her 50s, hadn’t previously given much thought to the song. She was born in South Africa, her parents moving to Canada when she was six, so she’d always been aware of being an immigrant, and was filled with a desire to praise her adopted country. But as soon as they finished, a friend pulled her aside. “Why are you singing that sexist anthem, Frances?” she asked, pointing out it only talks about sons. “Where are the women?”

Over the next few years, Wright was one of an growing number of Canadians having that conversation. At many of her events, Girl Guides were present when the anthem was sung. Wright was surprised how often their fathers complained to her afterwards about its lyrics.

“They’d come and say to me things like, ‘I have a son and a daughter, but in the anthem, I only get to sing about my son.’” She decided she had to do something about it. Not try and change whole anthem, obviously. Not even try to change a verse. Just change that one four-letter word.

At the end of January 2018, Canada’s Senate finally passed a bill making O Canada gender-neutral and it received Royal Assent on Wednesday. The words “in all thy sons command” have now been replaced with “in all of us command”.

The vote was the culmination of the work of numerous women who had been calling for the change for almost 40 years. It’s a campaign that shows both the stubbornness you need in politics, and the difficulty that goes with trying to change a national symbol.

The song was originally written in 1880, but it didn’t become Canada’s official anthem until a century later. In the wake of Quebec’s first independence referendum, in which 40% voted to leave Canada, the federal government dumped God Save the Queen as the country’s anthem and replaced it with O Canada – both a workmanlike English version (“O Canada, we stand on guard for thee”) and a more poetic French one (“O Canada… Thy brow is wreathed with a glorious garland of flowers”).

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It was a popular, catchy song and it seemed a choice few could argue with – but even back then, the English words annoyed many. The line about “sons” wasn’t the only one causing problems. Another about “our home and native land” annoyed many indigenous people who pointed out that only they could actually claim Canada as their native land.

Many would like to see the words… replaced to better reflect the reality of Canada,” Francis Fox, the minister in charge of the anthem’s adoption, told Canada’s House of Commons at the time. “I believe all members are sympathetic to these concerns.” The government was willing to see the words changed, he added – but this never happened. A campaign to change the anthem began gathering impetus after Vivienne Poy, a historian and former fashion designer, was appointed to the Senate in 1998. She began receiving letters urging her that changing the anthem was “the right thing to do”.”

This whole ordeal is so ludicrous. The idea that this is what people are getting worked up about and not focusing on the Olympic Games and athletes is so sad. Why on earth would someone change their national anthem to be more gender neutral? The only people who care are people who are more obscure and farther to the right or left in their political ideologies.

Who knows, next time these people will try to implement this kind of change in the United States of America. But they will find themselves with difficulty if they try to do it. In the United States, we don’t change something so institutional as our national anthem just because people are offended by it. If we changed something every time people got offended there would be nothing left.

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